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LaunchDarkly and DevOps1 Join Forces to Accelerate Software Delivery!

"Together, we'll empower Australian organisations to unlock the full potential of their software, ensuring every release is a success and every user experience is exceptional."

Mark Mason - LaunchDarkly Head of International Partner Sales

Leading Release management platform LaunchDarkly and expert transformation partner DevOps1 today announced a powerful partnership to empower Australian businesses with next-level software delivery capabilities.

LaunchDarkly's modern SaaS platform redefines how engineering teams release, experiment, and optimise their product features. This translates to tangible benefits for organisations, including:

  • Release Velocity & Stability: Deliver features faster and smoother, minimising risk and maximising impact.
  • Personalised Experiences: Craft targeted, dynamic experiences that resonate with every user.
  • Targeted Experimentation: Test new features with confidence, gather valuable data, and iterate with speed.
  • Mobile Mastery: Optimise your mobile app experience for unparalleled engagement and conversion.

This partnership seamlessly aligns with DevOps1's mission to accelerate customer business transformations. LaunchDarkly's release management capabilities is a valuable complement to DevOps1's expertise in Platform, Security, Engineering Effectiveness (EE), and Quality Engineering (QE)

"We're excited to bring LaunchDarkly's cutting-edge platform to our customers. It's the perfect addition to our toolbox, enabling them to accelerate innovation and deliver market-beating software with confidence."

Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo - DevOps1 Head of Engineering Effectiveness, Quality and Observability

This partnership marks a new era in software delivery for Australian businesses. Get ready to:

  • Outpace the competition with faster, more reliable releases.
  • Craft personalised experiences that drive user engagement and loyalty.
  • Target your experimentation and optimise your software for continuous improvement.
  • Leverage DevOps1's deep expertise to unlock the full potential of your software investments.

Join the LaunchDarkly and DevOps1 journey! Contact us today to learn how this partnership can help you transform your software delivery and achieve market-dominating success.

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