Industry leaders choose Delphix for data compliance and security

Don't let your test data become front page news. Enable zero trust for application data management.



We are passionate about helping enterprises use data to accelerate data-driven transformation.

Our DevOps Data Platform combines enterprise - wide data coverage with data compliance to enable modern CI/CD workflows, accelerate the journey to the cloud, transform customer experiences and increase the adoption of disruptive AI technologies.

Product Description

Automate secure, compliant data in DevOps pipelines.

Masking for privacy, industry compliance:

  • Discover data subject to privacy laws and industry regulations
  • Replace sensitive data values with realistic, but fictitious data
  • Automatically deliver masked data into test environments

Ransomware protection, detection, recovery:

  • Immutably protect and recover data to any time down to the second or transaction
  • Test and validate data to quickly detect attacks
  • APIs and automation to instantly recover applications

Automated data operations:

  • Replace developer and admin-driven workflows with automated masking
  • Use DevOps APIs for masked data delivery into development pipelines
  • Deploy a closed appliance with passwordless connections

Client implementations

Success Stories

Mizuho Securities leverages DevOps test data management to transform application development while enabling compliance.

In the securities industry, application development commonly accelerates when market conditions are favourable. But demand for faster releases presents continuous challenges that limit speed, such as compliance with regulations.

The implementation of Delphix also produced marked results in cost.

"Presently, Mizuho Securities is automating masking mainly for systems that have large needs in the development department, because if it were to be done manually, it would require over 10 dedicated workers. This can be said to contribute to a labour cost reduction of about $700,000 - accelerating the delivery of developmental environments is considered a much more important issue now. We want to make full use of these functions and take CI/CD to the next level."

Hirokazu Kobayashi, Manager of Mizuho Securities' IT Infrastructure Management Department, Mizuho

Key Success Metrics

90% Reduction in test data delivery time
Same Day Prep time to retest
$700k Reduction in labour costs per annum
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