Global Industries opt for SmartBear solutions to deliver high quality applications faster

You can quickly launch a scalable API program with a central platform for OpenAPI standards, API design, and collaboration. Boosting performance, security & functionality with E2E API lifecycle and test automation.



At DevOps1, our passion lies in propelling enterprises towards faster production through greater visibility and accelerators such as API management, service virtualisation and test automation.

We are passionate about helping enterprises accelerate their path, and that's why we've harnessed the incredible power of SmartBear API full suite.

Product Description

Build accelerators to engineer quality into the delivery of your products.

API Lifecycle:

  • Swagger and Swagger Hub to build Governance, Standardisation, Catalogues and Executable documentation
  • Contract testing with PACT and PACT flow for better integration test
  • Integration of Swagger hub and PACT flow to drive Design Driven Development

Functional testing:

  • UI test automation with TestComplete, BitBar and Visual validation to accelerate product development while maintaining quality at scale
  • API Test automation of REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, JDBC, JMS, and other protocols in a single test case
  • Drive continuous quality of your web-service with native support of CI/CD platforms
  • Create synthetic data like addresses, social security numbers, and more on the fly or import data from a file, like a CSV or TXT file, or database, like MySql or Postgres


  • Fast, dynamic mock creation
  • Configure network & server-side performance
  • Combine definition-driven development & service virtualization

Client implementations

Success Stories

Zurich applies service virtualisation to provide stability in their change and training cycles.

At the Zurich General Insurance business unit in the United Kingdom, Solution Architect Gari Gono and his colleague Jason Catlin-Holmes, the Infrastructure & Environment Manager, were required to develop and manage a training environment for a core application used by close to 3,500 Zurich employees. The software team that Gono and Catlin-Holmes manage is responsible for taking the business requirements and turning them into “technical magic.”

The implementation of SmartBear ReadyAPI Virtualisation also produced marked results in cost.

"Adding in the other integrations we might require, our test environment costs can run as high as $500K,” says Gono. “But the service virtualization capabilities provided by ReadyAPI Virtualization let us do this for a fraction of the cost, and we have enough licenses to expand it out as far as we need to in the future."

Gari Gono, Solution Architect at Zurich General Insurance

Key Success Metrics

Training environment up-time running at 99.99%
Identifying and fixing application issues faster
$500K reduction on environments cost
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