Devops Transformation

In November 2021, a leading airline chose DevOps1 to enable their DevOps transformation.

Airline Project


Our client was looking to achieve a full end to end DevOps transformation project moving away from a traditional self-managed CI/CD Solution to a SaaS based offering.

Our client faced a several complexities with self-managed infrastructure constraints, including upgrades, administration, and maintenance of GitLab Instances on their infrastructure. In addition to this, their team had to manage and maintain Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to achieve compatibility with GitLab self-managed instances.

DevOps1 migrated 1600 projects in 3 months, after a 3-month planning and investigation procedure. The project had complex project dependencies (JavaScript, Node.JS and Ansible configuration management).

Time limitations and speed-to-market became an additional challenge for the client team, whose focus long term vision is to move their toolsets to Software as a Service (SaaS), where it adds the best value.

During the investigation DevOps1 discovered that there was 2 GitLab instances being used and paid for by the client, DevOps1 assisted the customer with the subscription consolidation.


Our client used a self-managed instance of CI/CD Tooling (GitLab) for integrating code changes, building the software, and deployments. This led to several complexities with the following requirements;

  • Ensuring availability and uptime
  • Scaling to meet demand
  • Keeping up with security patches and updates
  • Managing costs

Overall, managing the GitLab infrastructure on their own became complex and require significant time, expertise, and resources to ensure that it is reliable, secure, and able to support the needs of our client.


DevOps1 was engaged to assist our client with migration of the CI/CD tooling to a SaaS based offering which provided the customer the flexibility and scalability that they required.

DevOps1 delivered the implementation services in sprints using agile methodology with our technical expertise in Cloud, Automation, and Security.

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