Squad as a Service

Leading FMCG brand engaged DevOps1 to accelerate their digital delivery.

Consumer Goods Project

Our customer is a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) provider with a significant focus on digital programs to drive better connection with their customers. As part of this ongoing focus, they wanted to build a website to connect a number of sub brands using React as the core technology. To support the development and engineering, our client engaged us to provide a full squad to undertake the engineering work. DevOps1 has assigned a squad of skilled engineers to work on this project, comprising two Full Stack Engineers, one Mobile Engineer, and one Quality Engineer.


The primary objective of the project is to create a new React-based web application that integrates the three subsidiary brand. The development team aimed to leverage React to build an efficient and cohesive platform that enabled seamless communication and integration among the brands. Additionally, the plan was to build React Native apps to replace the existing iOS and Android apps, thereby providing a unified and consistent user experience across different platforms.


DevOps1 assembled a team of engineers to deliver various aspects of the project:

  • Full Stack Engineers: These engineers are responsible for building the new React web application and ensuring the integration of the subsidiary brands onto the platform. They work with technologies like NodeJS for the backend, AWS API Gateway, Dynamo DB, and MicroServices to develop a scalable platform.
  • Mobile Engineer (iOS and Android): This engineer's primary task was to develop React Native apps to replace the existing iOS and Android apps. The migration to React Native aims to improve performance, maintainability, and user experience. AWS Cognito is leveraged for user authentication and management.
  • Quality Engineer: The Quality Engineer is tasked with automating existing flows between the website and the mobile apps (both iOS and Android). To accomplish this, the engineer utilises various testing frameworks such as Cypress for browser testing and Selenium Webdriver IO for native app testing. The goal was to integrate the testing process into Circle CI, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and continuous testing cycle across the CI/CD pipeline.

Throughout the engagement, the customer and DevOps1 consultants had access to engineering thought leaders, to assist with technical aspects of delivery.

The Squad as a Service benefited the customer through short lead time to engage and having a full squad onboard through one vendor to ensure consistency, access to engineering leadership and high quality outcomes.

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