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Docker and Devops1 team up to drive better developer experience to increase productivity and innovation for Australian Organisations.

Devops1, Australia's leading technology consulting company specialising in Platform, Security and Quality Engineering is excited to be named the first Preferred Partner in Australia under the Docker Mariner Partner Program. Together with Docker, the leading provider of cloud-native application development tools, content, and services for developers, will help expand Docker's ANZ business and provide developers and organisations with better experience for an integrated, reliable, and secure workflow that accelerates app delivery from code to the cloud.

Bringing together the capabilities of Docker and Devops1, organisations will be enabled to deliver software faster, more reliably, and with higher quality, ultimately driving increased productivity and innovation.

"This partnership will enable both companies to leverage their respective strengths to deliver integrated solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern software development teams. By working together, they can create more value for their customers and drive higher productivity and innovation."

Martin Cerantonio - Senior Channel Manager, APJ

Devops1 experience in delivering a Dev Centric Software Development Life Cycle and Docker's expertise of significantly enhancing the developer experience brings together the best of both words to:

  • Streamline Development Workflow: Docker allows developers to containerize their applications, ensuring consistency across the desktop and into the CI/CD pipeline. This consistency minimises "works on my machine" issues and streamlines the deployment process. DevOps1 has deep expertise in DevSecOps and Quality Engineering practices that can further enhance this workflow by automating the building, testing, and deployment processes, reducing manual errors and accelerating time-to-market.
  • Improved Collaboration: DevOps1 works with organisations to promote a culture of collaboration between development, operations, and other stakeholders throughout the software development lifecycle. Docker provides a standardised environment that allows developers to easily share their work with others, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This facilitates better collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to faster innovation and higher-quality software.
  • Scalability and Resource Efficiency: Docker's lightweight containers enable developers to package and deploy applications more efficiently, leading to better resource utilisation and scalability. DevOps1 consultants are certified and have hands-on experience with infrastructure as code (IaC) and automated scaling to further enhance scalability and resource management, ensuring that applications can handle increased workloads without manual intervention.
  • Enhance Security: Docker provides built-in isolation for applications, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities, all of this supplemented byDevOps1 mission to help customers optimise their delivery, securely. A range of security engineering solutions such as secure CI/CD Pipeline, Security Tool Build and Pipeline, Secrets Detection and Management and PII / Data Security and Management.

"Ultimately, the partnership between Devops1 and Docker is important because it can lead to greater customer satisfaction. By providing customers with tools and services that simplify and accelerate their software development processes, both companies can help their clients achieve their business objectives more effectively, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty."

Alejandro Sanchez-Giraldo - DevOps1 Head of Engineering Effectiveness, Quality and Observability

This partnership will align with Devops1 mission to streamline workflows, improve collaboration through the CI/CD pipeline and effectively deliver software quicker, ultimately helping organisations to be more innovative and competitive.

Together, Docker and DevOps1 create more cohesive and effective solutions for organisations looking to modernise their development and deployment practices.

Contact us today to learn more about how this partnership can help you create a more secure and Dev Centric Software Development Life Cycle.

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