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Modernisation and Security Solutions



At DevOps1 we specialise in Platform, Security and Quality engineering to transform your business into an agile, future ready enterprise. As a trusted AWS partner we harness the power of cutting edge cloud technologies and industry best practices to drive innovation, streamline operation and safeguard your digital assets.


Step into the future with confidence as we guide you through the modernisation journey. Whether it's migrating legacy systems to the cloud, rearchitecting applications for enhanced performance, or leveraging serverless computing, we ensure your infrastructure is optimized for scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency


Evolving to a cloud native architecture means changing focus from IP based 'castle and moat' style security to identity based security. We ensure your agile environments, automated services and developer workflows have foundational security policies & controls across the AWS ecosystem and beyond


In an age where cyber threats are constantly evolving, our comprehensive security services provide peace of mind. From threat detection and response to compliance and data protection, we implement multi-layered security measures that protect your most valuable assets and ensure business continuity

Cloud Operations

We specialize in providing comprehensive cloud operations management services to help organisations leverage the full potential of Amazon Web Services. Our expertise ensures that your AWS environment is optimized for performance, security, and cost-efficiency, allowing your business to focus on innovation and growth.

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