Quality and Observability

Quality is in our DNA

We understand that optimising delivery while maintaining quality is crucial for organisations. That's why we focus on integrating quality early in the development process and help our customers gain critical insights through increased visibility.


Our customer base covers all sectors and ranges from a large (50 FTE) managed service through to project based engagements, assessments and outcome pieces of work.

By uplifting Quality Engineering, implementing continuous monitoring, improving Test Automation, and performing early performance engineering, we help our clients accelerate their product pipeline in a secure manner - towards Quality Engineering, DevSecOps and SRE. Our expert teams of engineers, analysts and quality architects, along with the best products, provide managed services and co-create the right solutions for our clients.


  • Quality Assurance and Engineering Managed Service
  • Quality Engineering Assessments and Transformation
  • QE Center for Enablement and Training
  • Automated Data Cleansing and Transformation
  • PII Data Mapping and Implementation
  • Site Reliability Engineering and Observability Squad
  • Full-stack observability and AI Ops
  • Quality-focused application development/product engineering

Working with us

Rapid Acceleration

We specialise in streamlining digital product delivery, reducing cycle times by up to 50% through the removal of roadblocks such as low automation adoption, siloed platforms, and poor data quality.

By introducing continuous orchestration and best practices, we help you achieve efficient, high-quality results.

Secure by Design

Our Secure by Design approach helps organisations integrate security into every stage of the delivery process.

By leveraging automation and analytics, we support the transition to a DevSecOps model, ensuring that security is a top priority throughout the enterprise.

Quality Engineered

We help you integrate continuous testing and automation as well as prioritising performance and security engineering from the outset.

This ensures that your products and processes are robust and reliable; saving you time and resources in the long run.

Co-Created Solutions

Together, we co-create solutions that meet your organisation’s unique needs and goals. By collaborating with your team and stakeholders, we design and implement solutions that address your challenges whilst adding significant value down the line.

Our goal is to empower and enable your team to continue driving success long after our work is complete.

Technology Partners

Partnering with leading engineering platforms like Gitlab, Atlassian, Hashicorp, Apptio, Snyk and Delphix allow us to bring the best solutions to our customers.

Ready to get started?

We take our customers on a journey by embedding customised playbooks to guide them through the transformation. Our mindset towards testing in addition to our focus on automation and continuous everything, enables us to bake in quality throughout the product development lifecycle.

If this approach is of interest to you, reach out for a chat about how we can help you.

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