Partnerships that optimise innovation

DevOps1 partners with the world's leading technology and solutions providers to ensure customers can secure their data in the modern data stack.


Technology Partners

GitLab is emerging as arguably one of the world's leading DevOps Platforms offering the full spectrum of enterprise-standard, end-to-end DevOps features, out of the box.

AWS is an ever-evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that includes a mixture of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service offerings.

HashiCorp helps organisations operate their infrastructure in the cloud and enables innovation through its suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products.

Prisma Cloud provide Cloud-native app protection across any cloud. Integrated security for reduced risk, breaches, and improved efficiency. Enables better Dev-Sec collaboration, ensuring compliance and a strengthened security posture.

Dynatrace enables monitoring of your entire infrastructure, including your hosts, processes, and network.

LaunchDarkly maximises the value of every software feature through automation and feature management to create optimised, tailored customer experiences and fully controlled in-app experience.

Delphix is the industry leader for DevOps test data management. With Delphix we help businesses to transform their application delivery whilst balancing speed with data security and compliance.

Other Partners

We are constantly looking to partner with new technologies and adapt new solutions in market. DevOps1 is committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers and is proud to partner with industry-leading companies that can deliver innovative solutions.

Partner with us

Our partnership with DevOps1 has been a great success, and we are proud to have delivered a robust data protection solution that meets our customer's needs. By ensuring safe, realistic, and consistent data is used in non-production environments, we are helping to keep our customer out of the headlines and ensure compliance with APRA CPS234 requirements for data.

Paul Gray Sales Vice President - Delphix APJ