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Dynatrace is a leading software intelligence platform that provides observability insights and monitoring capabilities for modern applications. Dynatrace is known for its advanced observability features, powered by AI-driven analytics, which helps organisations optimize their application performance and user experience.

Product Description

Dynatrace offers a comprehensive set of features for optimising your application performance and user experience. Here's an overview:


  • Dynatrace provides full-stack observability, offering insights into every layer of your application stack.
  • Coverage includes infrastructure, applications, services, and user experience.

AI-Powered Monitoring:

  • One of Dynatrace's standout features is its use of AI and machine learning for automated monitoring and observability.
  • The platform employs causation-based AI, automatically detecting and analysing the root causes of performance issues.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM):

  • Dynatrace excels in APM, allowing real-time monitoring of application performance.
  • Tracks response times, error rates, and overall health of applications.

User Experience Monitoring:

  • Provides insights into user experience by monitoring real user interactions with applications.
  • Tracks user journeys, click paths, and user satisfaction.

Infrastructure Monitoring:

  • Dynatrace offers infrastructure monitoring capabilities.
  • Enables monitoring of the health and performance of servers, containers, and other infrastructure components.

Cloud and Microservices Monitoring:

  • Designed to work seamlessly with cloud-native and microservices architectures.
  • Provides visibility into dynamic and distributed environments.

Automation and Smartscape:

  • Utilises Smartscape technology to dynamically visualise the entire IT environment.
  • Helps in understanding dependencies and relationships between different components.

Root Cause Analysis:

  • The AI-driven root cause analysis feature quickly identifies and resolves issues.
  • Pinpoints the exact source of problems in complex environments.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps Integration:

  • Dynatrace supports DevOps practices by integrating with continuous delivery pipelines.
  • Provides insights into the impact of code changes on application performance.

Digital Experience Monitoring:

  • Helps organisations monitor the digital experience of end-users across different devices and geographies.

Client implementations

Success Stories

XXXLutz drives rapid growth and competitive advantage delivering seamless omnichannel journeys.

XXXLutz needed a solution that offered observability across the entire technology stack, from its legacy on-premises infrastructure to its cloud platforms and the microservices layer. It needed a platform that could automatically consolidate monitoring data into a single view to eliminate the need for teams to manually stitch together multiple datasets, so they could find the root cause of issues instantly. After evaluating the market, XXXLutz selected Dynatrace as the solution that could best meet its needs.

"With Dynatrace, we are now working based on facts, not assumptions. As a result, we're spending less time searching for the cause of issues, and instead getting on with working together to solve them."

Tobias Sammereyer, Team Lead Performance Engineering, XXXLutz

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Key Success Metrics

Deliver better software up to 4x faster
Reduce time spent on vulnerabilities up to 95%
Reduce support tickets up to 99%
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