DevSecOps Transformation

A comprehensive approach to improving developer experience, boosting DevSecOps adoption, and managing tool sprawl at a leading telco.

Telco Project


A long term customer and one of Australia’s leading Telco organisations was facing significant tool sprawl as a result of empowering developer teams with the ability to leverage optimal tools for their platform or technology arena. The organisation was also taking first steps towards a DevSecOps transformation and looking for an improvement in their ability to audit across the value streams.


The company was looking to advance their devsecops journey, improve overall developer experience, happiness and productivity and improve their ability to audit the development lifecycle. Multiple code repositories across the organisation had evolved and developers were taking significant time moving from tool to tool.


DevOps1 had been working with the customer for some time, helping implement devops best practices and improve efficiency across their development lifecycle. Moving from one division to the next, it was clear that the organisation could drive significant value from rationalising their development toolchain and move to a common single devops platform.

DevOps1 was engaged across multiple teams to provide DevOps and Platform Engineering skillsets to assist the customer in modernising engineering, as part of this process Gitlab was adopted as the clients AI enhanced DevSecOps platform . The resulting effect for the organisation will be a major improvement in time to market, collaboration and an enhanced security positioning due to the adoption of AI enabled DevSecOps.

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