Devops_1: Release Acceleration Program

Increase the speed to market with a modern release approach

A comprehensive program to adopt a modern release approach, enabling you to deliver applications and services to your customers faster and with less risk.



DevOps1 and LaunchDarkly created a strategic partnership that redefines the release processes for our customers. We have developed a program that will help you accelerate your release to customers, reduce risk, and increase the speed to market.

This program is tailored to understand the unique challenges of your release process and provide a roadmap to accelerate your time to market with a modern release approach.

Through this program, the aim is to identify areas suitable for improvement and propose solutions to refine release processes, minimise risk, and ensure adherence to compliance standards.

Why DevOps1? We offer a transformative methodology with years of industry expertise and a holistic approach to engineering effectiveness to help your organisation accelerate their path to production.

Common Challenges

  • Congested and slow Release process Manual handoffs, lack of automation, and fragmented workflows lead to long lead times, frequent rollbacks, and decreased visibility, hindering progress and frustrating both engineering teams and users.
  • Complex and Fragmented Toolchain Integrating LaunchDarkly with existing release management tools and workflows can be complex, requiring expertise and coordination across various teams.
  • Lack of Ownership and Governance Establishing clear ownership and governance for feature management and experimentation, including rollout decisions and rollback procedures, can be challenging, leading to confusion and potential risks.
  • Rolling feature management at scale Deploying and managing LaunchDrakly at scale across multiple environments and teams requires an automation first approach and consistent policies across the organisation.

Key Outcomes

  • Release Management Expertise: Streamline integration with existing tools and workflows through DevOps1's expert consulting and implementation of golden paths to production.
  • Governance Framework Development: Implement a secure and efficient governance framework for release and experimentation, including ownership definition, approval processes, and monitoring procedures.
  • Change Management and Training: DevOps1 provides training and workshops to educate teams on LaunchDarkly capabilities and best practices for flag-based development, enabling a smooth transition.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Observability: Implement comprehensive monitoring and observability tools to track flag usage, performance, and potential issues, providing real-time insights for proactive management.

Health Check

Duration 1 day

  • High-Level Review of Documentation:
    Review documents, policies, and standards.
  • Prepare Questionnaire:
    Analyse and compile insights from responses.
  • Conduct Interview Sessions with Stakeholders:
    Conduct additional sessions as needed.
  • Analyse Responses:
    Analyse and compile insights from sessions.
  • Analyse Findings and Prepare Report:
    Review internal review of findings.
    Prepare the Release process Posture formal report.

Acceleration Phase

Duration 2-3 weeks

  • LaunchDarkly Platform Setup:
    Project Setup, Role configuration, configure SSO.
  • Feature management Workshop:
    Educate the team on best practices.
  • Automated configuration:
    Configure Terraform to manage LaunchDarkly resources.
  • Candidate Implementation:
    Select application to implement SDK, Understand how SDK works, and create relevant context for targeting.
  • LaunchDarkly Platform training:
    Hands-on experience, and product knowledge.
  • Certification support:
    Workshop to assist a small cohort of users achieve silver certification.

Golden Path

Duration 2-4 weeks

  • Detailed Review of Release strategies:
    Review documents, risk policies, standards relevant to release processes and tooling, as well as roles and responsibilities.
  • Communication Strategy:
    Examine and analyse communication channels and feedback loops throughout the release process.
  • Dependency mappings and Roadmap:
    Identify dependencies affecting the release process and devise a roadmap to expedite it.
  • Release and Feature Management playbook:
    Craft a playbook delineating the release process and feature management strategies.
  • Rollout and adoption strategy:
    Run workshops and sessions on the playbook and execute rollout initiatives aligned with the roadmap.
    Set up adoption metrics and feedback loops to measure success.
  • Centre for Enablement:
    Set the release acceleration centre for enablement
    Review and hand over a playbook and roadmap.
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