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We are Australia’s leading independent technology consulting company specialising in Platform Engineering, Security Engineering and Quality Engineering.

Our Services

Platform Engineering

Encompasses everything that is required to get your products and solutions delivered faster, safer and cost-effectively.

Security Engineering

Build and Engineer products with a security first approach, implementing security automation and uplifting and enabling towards DevSecOps with the view of ensuring your customers experience an optimal but secure experience.

Quality & Observability

Optimise your delivery lifecycle by integrating Quality and Observability into every step of the product development process.

Proposed Solution Approach

Our proposed solution approach to impediments is powered by our “PROMPT” framework. The framework is derived from valuable insights gained by partnering with clients on their Engineering Transformation journey.

Process Rigor

New ways of working - focusing on velocity, customer journey / value stream engineering and an automation first, always-secure, shift-left approach.

Operating model

Creating an enablement model focused around building digital product management capabilities for programs/businesses to consume.


Focusing on democratised and modernised engineering with new age principles of experience, velocity, cloud and automation first and multi disciplinary team orientation.

Platforms & Tools

Focusing on new age platforms & tools partnerships to create a continuous orchestration strategy that brings business value through modernised engineering interventions.

Airline Project
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Leading Airline

A leading airline chose DevOps1 in November 2021 to enable their DevOps transformation.

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Equip and enable you to optimise delivery, securely

Scaled Engineering Team

DevOps1 uplifts Business Value with Platform, Security and Quality Engineering capabilities to enable Cloud and Engineering customer transformations.

We are an expansive team of consultants and rapid problem- solvers, supporting your engineering organisation with strategy execution, development, capability building, automation and implementation

How we do it

We mobilise our Platform Engineering, Application Modernisation, Quality Assurance and Engineering and Security Engineering Expertise where they can deliver the most value.

Whether you’re managing engineering platforms, working to embed quality and security in a delivery lifecycle, or building and modernising new and old products – we have the right processes, skills and partners to help.

Our approach

We really get to know our customers, to figure out what they need and understand their challenges; we listen to their objectives so that together we can identify and work towards their technology goals.

We focus on breaking down operational silos to increase agility, improve time to market, enhance business value and reduce risk.

Engagement models

  • Managed Services
  • Strategic Discovery
  • Engineering as a Service
  • Acceleration Programs

Managed Services

In our commitment to transparency, we ensure you can track your performance metrics, with all data closely linked to your business goals. Our services are adaptable to various technologies, encompassing even extensive infrastructure needs.

Our driving ambition is to fuel your business transformation. Our comprehensive support spans multiple areas, each tailored to meet your business's unique needs. Here are the areas where we provide our managed services:

  1. Vulnerability and Security Management
  2. Cloud and Infrastructure Management
  3. Environment and Data Management

DevSecOps, Platform and Cloud Readiness Evaluation

Our Readiness Evaluation is a focused service designed to assess your organisation's readiness for adopting modern cloud and DevSecOps technologies and to help ensure ongoing impediments in delivery are removed.

Over a period of 3-4 weeks, our team will conduct workshops and analyses to understand your business and technology vision, evaluate your Agile, DevOps, Data, and infrastructure and cloud maturity, and consider technical requirements and constraints.

The service includes Operational and Technical Immersion, DORA DevOps Quick Check, Alignment, Assessment, and an Executive Presentation. At the end of the evaluation, you will have a clear understanding of your organisation's readiness for ongoing transformation, areas inhibiting change, along with a roadmap to guide your journey.

Engineering as a service

DevOps1 will with you to come up with an optimal squad structure tailored towards your specific delivery needs, with DevOps1 delivering the full squad and providing governance and thought leadership.

The high performing squad offering includes:

  • Platform Engineering Enablement squad
  • Security Engineering team
  • Agile Delivery Team/Full development squad

We know cost can be a factor in your decision, our model includes factors such as graduate programs, off-shore resourcing and AI-Pairing Programming.

Acceleration Programs

Devops1 provides a holistic approach to accelerate engineering practices, leveraging expertise in cloud technologies, security, release management, agile methodologies, and automation. These programs are designed to empower organisations to stay competitive, innovate faster, and deliver high-quality products and services.

Some of the programs we have in place are:

Integrate with the technologies you depend on today

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